Day 1: The Takeoff

austria widescreen wallpaper copy.jpg

Its 5 o’clock in the morning and Im sitting at the airport. It was good to find cheap tickets to Vienna – just didn’t think the travelling time entirely through. The flights leaving at 6:15 so I had to get up at 3. So glad mum’s living in Helsinki, she’s a life saver for getting up with me in the middle of the night and driving me here.
imag2648_1-1Didn’t get much sleep anyways. Everything’s been so hectic for the last days that I haven’t been able to calm down. Jussi (the bf, doing his exchange in Holland) left yesterday and after that it was just me, waiting to leave. I’ve been so stressed out that it completely nocked me out at 8 pm last night.

For a solid 15 minutes at least.

imag2650_1After that, I woke up to my excited, and my pounding heart trying to jump out of my chest and the thoughts quickly started running in§ my head again. Do I have my passport?
Of course! Its in my backpack, right next to the laptop.
But what if Id have forgotten it? Well thats a useful and important question to be thinking about right now. In that case I’d have to quickly catch the next train home, have my dad drive over to give me my key and fetch the passport from our overly full storage room (miten häkkikomero käännetään?). Then ride the bus straight to the airport. Mum could bring my suitcase…

Know when you start to go over everything that could have gone wrong (but didn’t), and stressing about it intensively? Thats one great way to prepare your self for a long and exhausting travelling day.

I have my passport and travel documents and three different phone chargers (in case two of them break). Ive slept for three hours and feel like a walking zombie, but I don’t care.

Today Im going on exchange. Im going to Graz thats in the southern part of Austria. Ill be living with three Austrian students for the next half a year and Ill be attending university, focusing on my studies in information systems and international marketing. And of course doing some travelling around Europe. This is plan at the moment, we’ll see what actually happens once I get there.

And now I have to get up and drag mys3d9229ac4c71fa9413c3dd46813bb298.jpgelf to the plane.. Helsinki – Kiev – Vienna – Graz. Should be arriving at my new home in the afternoon at around three. We’ll see how that goes! Ill be sure to post some pictures of the journey. Austria should be very sunny at the moment – I can’t wait!

PS. If you’re wondering why Im writing in English – well, I just felt like it. Maybe Ill post something in Finnish, or even German in the future. We’ll mix it up a little!


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