Day 2: Settling in


What a 24 hours. Its 10:30 am and I’m sitting in my comfy new bed in my new amazingapartment, a Nespresso cup in hand and startingto feel re-energised after all the travelling and luggage dragging. The flights went well yesterday and after them I took a train from Vienna to Graz. The train trip took 3 hours and the view’s were, of course, un-be-lievable.

How can so many mountains fit into one country? The levels of the train route changed so much that my ears got blocked and opened every few minutes. And the trees were just.. really tall! Growing from the sides of the mountains, trying to survive in ultimate conditions. Then there were the small cute villages alongside the train route. Sometimes it felt like I’m travelling through a little toy land – everything looked so perfect.


IMAG2658_Fotor.jpg   IMAG2680_Fotor.jpg

I’ve got three Snapchat-224350041.jpgroomma

I’ve got three roommates, and they are incredibly nice. We are all students and we speak German at home. I was a bit worried how that’ll carry out since I haven’t used German as much after I moved out of home, but luckily it’s going well. Especially when the listeners are patient and understanding.

The house is an old charming jugend house and feels already very homey. It is somewhat cold inside, but it’ll get better as the weather gets warmer. There are also so many fun little details in the apartment! Many posters and cards – you just find something new and fun all the time. I especially got a kick out of the major poster of a llama on the bathroom door.


The town seems very nice, and I’m going out today to explore it more. It’s much alike my home city Turku – a river flowing in the middle, little under 300 000 people and approx. 50 000 Students. Luckily Eve from TSE is still here for a week, so she’s gonna show me around the uni today!


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