Day 4: Going Vegetarian

imag2727_fotorWell, actually part-time vegetarian. But still it’s quite a big change for me. All my friends know I love my steak and sausages and I like to do chicken sauces at home, but now that is coming to an end – for at least for six months. The reason for this is not idealistic but more financial: meat costs so much here! In the super markets. And there’s so little of it there (at leas in the ones close to my home). There’s only one small tub of meat in the market and a counter where you can buy special meats.

The cold cuts are separate, but even there’s not too much to choose from – and they’re expensive as. I bought turkey cuts and in the package there were 5 pieces and it cost 2 euros! And it was like the cheapest option. I’ll still enjoy my occasional wiener schnitzel every once in a while, but as a student on a budget, I gotta make sacrifices (more money for travelling – priorities ay?).

Otherwise the cost of food is pretty similar to Finland. What might be a bit cheaper is that you can get good deals on fruit and veggies – for example 1e for a mango. And the about half of the stuff in the stores has “Bio” on it – it’s a boom here too and I like it. But let me tell you about beer and wine – oh my gosh, it’s amazing how cheap they are. A nice 0,5L wheat beer for one euro. Did I already say it’s amazing?


Generally it’s pretty easy to go vegetarian here since my roommates also eat mainly veggie food. Michaela is an amazing cook and I get inspiration from her vegetarian meals. It’s also nice to notice everyone in this house eats pretty healthy. Michi invited me to go running with her, which also promotes my healthy efforts. I have a yoga mat already laid on the floor and did a session yesterday. Luckily the room is really big so I have plenty of space to do my Namasté. But we do also eat candy and cake here, so not going too extreme.

Actually we’re baking a Linzer Torte together tonight! So exciting, it’s traditional Austrian pastry and supposedly quite delicious. I’ve only tried it as a Nespresso “season coffee flavour”. Time for the real deal.


I’ve had quite a calm settling in here. The welcome week starts mid February and uni starts beginning of March. I’ve got three weeks of free time here and it feels good. After being so busy with uni and work for 3.5 years feels like I deserve a bit of a rest. I have it pretty good: roomies are super helpful and I also met up with Eve for lunch this week. She’s leaving in a week but she’s helping me out with all the Erasmus organising and getting to know the city as a foreigner. And she invited me to an awesome house party that’s tomorrow! The theme is yoga.

So wine in my yoga pants, as a part of the dress code. As I would wear this to every event if it was acceptable, I am praising this gal who’s hosting the party and came up with the magnificent idea! My life’s complete.


The only thing that’s not that pleasant here is that it’s so DARN COLD! Almost colder than Finland! (Our balcony is pretty cute tho, m’I rite?) My roomie told me it’s the coldest January in 30 years and today it’s snowing lightly. I only brought one thick sweater with me, so guess that’s what I’ll be wearing for the next weeks haha.. ha.. Gotta go shopping.

I’m doing some travelling before the welcome week starts too, so that’ll be exciting! But more on that later. Now I’m off to uni to write my independent marketing assignment for TSE.





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