Day 7: Augenblicke der Freude

Moments of joy. That’s quite a good way to describe the feeling of the last days. I’ve actually had an overwhelming feeling of happiness more or less all the time. I’m intentionally pausing in the moment and really stopping to appreciate all the good stuff that’s happening and it brings me joy.


I’ve done some exploring in the city, the Austrian culture and a new way to do yoga (party way, that’s what).

On Thursday we made a Linzer torte with Michi and I have to say it came out perfect (to our surprise). Linzer torte is a traditional Austrian dessert. The dough is a bit like a short crust pastry (muropohja), but with added crushed hazelnut (yum). I love how they add crushed nuts to different bakings in German speaking countries, it really brings a nice twist. Next the jam goes on the cake – I always thought you’d add jam with cherries but it’s actually something called ribsels. The dictionaries don’t have a translation for it, but ribsels are a lot like red currant berries, only a bit sweeter. And then we added the topping dough and baked it! Boy, it came out sooo delicious. collage_fotorlinzer_fotor2


On Friday I went to explore the sights of Graz. The weather was perfect and the sun was shining – you could get a very nice view from Schloßberg (castle mountain). It’s a 10 min walk from my home and a very steep rise. So muscles really got to work there. But the views are breathtaking. There’s a cute cafe up there and I had a hot chocolate there and just admired the view. I can’t wait for summer to be able to see the city at it’s greenest.


Then I went to the railway station to get an ÖBB Jahreskarte, which is a discount card. The youth discount card was 19e and it’s valid for a year. With it you get a discount of 50% off of normal priced train trips so it’s a Very good deal. If you plan on staying in Austria for a while, I highly recommend it since it has such good value.




IMAG2822_Fotor.jpgIn the evening we had the amazing Yoga Party! Eve had invited me there and at the party were lots of both locals and Erasmus students. There was a colouring room  and a yoga pose challenge room. Everyone was wearing yoga attire – even the guys. It was so much fun.

What wasn’t as much fun is doing yoga poses after a few beers and I managed to hurt my wrist. Now have some bandage on it and slowly work on bettering it. It was already hurting a little bit, since I’ve been working on this pose that weighs heavy on the hands and the monkeying around certainly didn’t help. Gonna let it rest and tick to pilates for a few days ->

Now it’s Sunday, and I’m going  to have a long calm morning with lots of coffee and Youtube-videos. What’s happening next week is that we’re travelling to Berlin with my friend Laura who’s doing her exchange in France. It’s going to be awesome to see her and share our feelings about Erasmus ❤ Europe is amazing cos travelling is so easy!


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