Day 9: Chick Pea Craze

Favourite home outfit #batmanfangirl

Here’s a great tip for exchange students or people who just want to save as much money as possible on fragrances and cremes: Check out the post-Christmas sale booths at cosmetic’s stores and you just might find what you need. And it feels like buying a present for yourself, when it’s actually just stuff you need! I’m not sure when the last time was that 6 euros has brought me this much joy, these slippers are A-ma-zing. Super fluffy, soft and they have brake insoles (näissä on jarrupohjalliset?!). So just the perfect thing for my clumsy self who hates how cold our kitchen floor is, and the floors also in general.

The phase “I don’t want to put pants on” but more “I don’t wanna put socks on”. I’d have to go to the store now to buy some snacks for tomorrow’s flight but I can not be bothered putting on socks. Oh please lemme find strength.

A thing that I really hate here in Austria is that people are smoking cigarettes everywhere you go: restaurants, bars, cafe’s. It’s not illegal to smoke at such places (yet) and it’s just horrible to go out and smell like a chimney sweep afterwards. So I had to do something about it and bought this Adidas’ eau de toilette to drive out bad odours. And I like it surprisingly much! There’s nothing like teen’s perfume that smells like water.

And they were just 12e!

So I decided to make some very exotic vegan snacks yesterday. First I made roasted chickpeas (drain, rinse and dry -> add salt, chili and other spices -> pop in the oven for 20-30min -> you have some delicious crunchy snacks!)


With the leftover water (also known as aqua faba) from the chickpea can I made vegan meringues! They’re very easy to make, but as with normal meringues, the baking time is the crucial part. The first batch got kind of burnt and I made the meringues too big, so they kind of took up the whole sheet. In the second batch I made the treats smaller,  and baked them at a slightly lower lever (maybe 90C) for 1,5h and they came out pretty perfect! The meringues don’t solidify in the hot oven, but once you take em out and put on a cold surface to cool down, they harden up. The roommates have been munching on them, so have gotten reassurance from external sources also! I myself probably got sugar poisoning, but they were just so good.

Yum! On the bottom right are the 2nd and 1st batch.


My hand’s been luckily much better today. I had to take out my bandage to change it, and since it’s a sticky tape the job was easier said then done. I actually had to go to my roommate so he could pull it out – like a bandaid – very quickly. Lost the hair on that patch also at the same time, so anyone looking for an efficient yet somewhat painful way to get rid of body hair: sports tape.

Now I’m going to collect my strength, put some socks on and go to the store to buy toilet paper and more importantly, the fight snacks. Tomorrow morning I’m catching the train to Vienna and flying to Berlin from there. Let the holiday (inside of a holiday?) begin!


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