Day 10: What makes me nervous about different cultures and travelling

Right now I’m sitting on a plane from Vienna to Berlin. It has been an exciting day due to various reasons and thoughts that have gone through my head. I’ve travelled  quite much in my life (also by myself), but I still feel a bit nervous about travelling. I’m not the biggest fan of flying, just cos my ears always seem to stay blocked for the whole day, my feet swell and airplane air makes the throat very dry. Getting to the railway station and the airport, especially in a new place give a lot to feel stressed about.

I’ve booked five trips that include flying in the last couple of weeks and I am excited to see how I feel about travelling to new places in six months. I am quite the control freak, so if everything isn’t completely clear to me well beforehand (the route to the station, the change time between binding flights etc) the traveling anxiousness starts to rise. Being prepared is of course also a good thing, since I triple check every detail about a trip before going on it.

I luckily have found a couple of ways to make leaving on a trip easier. I love to make lists, so I start making a Google Keep of things I’m going to pack a few days beforehand so I don’t forget anything. In general, I feel like planning everything very well beforehand makes being on the trip itself so much more stress-free. I check all the distances, busses and trains beforehand so I have some understanding of how long it will for example take to get from the airport to my hostel.

I love snacks and I have found that even though I’m trying to eat healthy, bringing some of my favourite snacks on the plane makes the somewhat unpleasant experience quite nice. I don’t buy chips that often, but boooy was that a good decision this time! Also having enough food with me guarantees that my hangriness doesn’t ruin the experience.

And don’t get me wrong – I LOVE travelling. It’s probably my favourite thing to do, but even the best things come with challenges that you have to get over. And once you do the not-such-pleasant things as many times as you have to, to get comfortable with them.. that is the best feeling!

A bit about cultures and languages. I am half German and have always spoken the language at home with my dad. So the change to move to Austria wasn’t too radical in terms of culture and spoken language. We use German with my roommates here and it has been an excellent way to get used to the new everyday language in Graz. I still find that I am more comfortable using English (or Finnish) as an everyday language. But I have also done an exchange in Australia in high school for ten months, so that probably has had its effects on my interest in English. The first week of living in Graz has been so exciting, fun and lovely, but also sometimes nerve-wrecking and exhausting. Just using a language all the time you’re not used to use 24/7 takes its toll on the energy levels.




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