Day 17: Paris is Pretty but Berlin is Cool

Finally I have all the beautiful photos together about our Berlin trip! So here it goes..

We arrived at our hostel on Wednesday afternoon, and I straight away gave the hostel’s atmosphere and the customer service ten points. The reception of Wallyard looks like a hipster lounge with all the white wall paintings and carefully picked furniture. And our receptionist was Finnish! How small can the world be? We stayed in Wallyard in a 4-women hostel room and it was clean and nice, exactly what one needs for a few nights. And it also cost us 13e/person/night! So for that money it was perfect. Got my #recommendation.


After settling in we went to a Greek restaurant near the hostel and the food there was amazing (well, can you go wrong with garlic bread?). As main course we had octopus tentacles on a skewer. Super tender and super delicious! The restaurant’s name is Taverna Amphipolis, if you’re ever looking for a nice inexpensive restaurant in the area. After eating we went to the Monkey Bar (a must-see-place) to have drinks, and then off to bed ->




In the next morning we enjoyed the “Mama’s breakfast” of 6e at the hostel. I wrote my last post there and my personal travel photographer managed to snap a jungle styled photo of me. After enjoying our breakfast we headed off to the city to check out the shopping opportunities, especially the vintage shops. And boy, did we shop ’til we dropped. I found an amazing white pullover that can be seen probably in every pic afterwards since I fell in love with it so much. And also because it was a bit colder in Berlin than we anticipated, so an extra layer didn’t do any harm.




16651055_10155038415728466_5190268_o_fotorWe had lunch in Rosenhaler Platz, where there are actually many amazing restaurants and cafe’s. The place we went to is called DUDU and it’s this Japanese style restaurant with lots of sushi and seafood options. Of course the salmon tastes extra delicious when chased down by a Tiger. Laura had some sushi and I went with an Osaka bowl that had rice, fried shrimp, raw salmon and tuna and spinach in it. It was seriously one of the best meals I have ever had, so high recommendations for that restaurant!


After the delicious seafood meals we went to have dessert at one of my favourite bars in Berlin that was shown me by my aunt last time I was in Berlin. It’s called Mein Haus am See (My House at the Sea) and it’s got such quirky interiors. The couches go up along the wall and the highest spot is actually right next to the ceiling. We drank our raspberry beers there (a tic too sweet but all in all very delicious). And of course took some not-at-all staged photos at the same time.



Bergain. <>

After drinks we went to check out the next days club mission: Berghain. Berghain is probably Berlin’s most famous club, since it’s extremely hard to get in. There are countless articles of how to get into Berghain: don’t speak in the line, especially if it’s not German, wear black, be on a guest list, and most of all: look cool.


We had planned this very carefully even before we got to Berlin so that nothing could go wrong in our Friday night’s attempt. Well, when we got to Berghain in East Berlin we noticed that they had a closed event there, some art festival’s after party.

“Don’t praise the day over the night.” -Friedrich Schiller

Well yeah, we hadn’t checked if Berghain had any special events for the weekend. And ofcourse they did. Friday’s tickets had been sold out for months. So, we had to come up with another plan, but more on that later..

After the disappointing turn of events it was time to get back to the Western side of Berlin. Of course, we had to check out some vintage shops and cafe’s on the road.






The awesome part of this trip was that we didn’t have to go see all the sights. Both of us have visited Berlin a couple of times before and we have both seen the Wall and Checkpoint Charlie a few times. So we decided to explore all the amazing restaurants that Berlin has to offer. We walked around and breathed in the city atmosphere. Berlin is so ugly but so beautiful. So raw yet complete. I love the city.



On Friday we slept long and wandered our way again to Rosenthaler Platz to try out one of the most highly praised brunch cafe’s. Distrikt Cafe was completely full at 11, but we managed to get seats. And then we ate. Our avocado-feta-beetroot-toast was more than I could’ve ever imagined. And don’t you think we stopped there – as dessert we ordered this big pile of butter pancakes. Best pancakes I’ve ever had!



After the rich breakfast we went to do a little shopping at Potsdamer Platz. And planning for the night. We did a hard-core rating for all of the best clubs in Berlin and let me tell  you, there are Lots of well rated clubs in Berlin. The city is the holy grail of amazing techno clubs. Some are significantly better in summer, so those were disclaimed straight away. A club that caught our eye was Salon zu der Wilden Renate. They described the club to be a circus themed, wacky, Alice in the Wonderland house. And they were right.


After the shopping and planning we went to a cafe that became my favourite cafe of all the ones we’d seen in Berlin. It’s very small and located in a place you wouldn’t find if you weren’t looking for it. But we found it and it was adorable ❤



After enjoying our salmon bread and sweet potato salad we went back to Wallyard to get ready for the night. We put our wacky make up on, had some wine at the reception and then we went to die Wilde Renate.



Die Wilde Renate was mesmerizing. Beautiful. Addictive. The music genre was soft techno and I never realized how much I’d like that music. We had to put alarms on our phones so we wouldn’t miss our morning flights. You could have submerged in the smoke and music of the Renate for an undefined amount of time. Usually they have a massive labyrinth open in the club, but sadly for this time it was closed for restoration. Photos weren’t of course allowed, but I’ll post a few off of Google so you can see a little what it was like inside.

A brochure I took with me. Subtle.

And then we went home. Hungover but happy.

This week I spent in Graz getting to know the new exchange students and locals. Tomorrow I’m leaving to Stockholm to meet the vice presidents of NESU. Excited!



2 thoughts on “Day 17: Paris is Pretty but Berlin is Cool

  1. hey dear, such a pity we didn’t meet in Berlin, I wasn’t here when you came! but let me know if you are planning to come back before July! I should still be around before going back to Brazil 🙂 by the way, I loved your post!!! Definetely gonna check this Distrikt Coffee you mentioned! And I got curious about the little cafe you loved, do you remember the name of it? Getting to know cafés is definetely one of my fav hobbies in Berlin 🙂 all the best in your exchange! have fun and enjoy yourself! one pusu, mary!


    1. Hi Mariana!
      Yeah what a shame we didn’t have time to meet 😦 But I’ll be sure to send you a message if we’re coming back! And if you’re interested to see the Southern Austria, please feel free to visit me here 🙂 Ohh and how amazing are the cafés in Berlin? The one with the cute plants is called Roamers. Check it out and keep enjoying Berlin love! xx


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