Day 23: Hello Sverige!

imag3054_fotorLast weekend we went to Sweden. We went with a very unusual bunch of people: the vice presidents of NESU TuKY since year 2009. So have you heard about this thing called NESU? Probably, since you’re either my family or a friend. But if you’re not – Nordiska Ekonomi Studerandes Union is an organization that arranges sitz-parties for economics students in Finland and some other northern countries.

But yeah with these Turku’s vice presidents we met for our annual spring trip (last year we were in St. Petersburg, Russia) and boy was it one grand trip.

I met my boyfriend Jussi and my good friend Sofia there, since they’ve also been vice presidents. And my dad, since he happened to be there by accident!By the way, I still cannot get over the magnificent alps seen from the plane. I always seek out places on top of the alps and wonder “Has a human ever stepped on that part of the earth?”. Yeah, deep.

Sofia and Maiju enjoying the expensive cider.

After getting to Stockholm and our oh-so-amazing hostel (Generator, VERY recommended) we went for a beer and some snacks. You quickly realized you’re not in mid Europe anymore when a beer + fries costs 17e…

Then we went to visit a vice president Santeri’s apartment in the loveliest area Vasastan (he’s working in Sweden atm, oh how international the vice presidents are). We had some wine and went for dinner in the evening.imag3106



There were so many people in Stockholm’s centrum and then we saw it was Design week. This is completely irrelevant but I just wanted to tell you guys.






We had dinner at some cute restaurant in Vasastan and I ate the most amazing seafood pasta. After dining we went to this place called Anchor and it turned out to be a rock pub. Had a real rock band playing and all! It was so much fun.


On Saturday we had breakfast at Joe and the Juice – a highly recommended cafe chain. The sandwiches were something unreal. I did get a massive stomach ache from the latte since I had completely forgotten about my lactose intolerance. How is it possible that in the mid Europe I have no problem drinking regular milk but as soon as I touch it in Skandinavia I get insane stomach pain? Ten points to who can answer that!




After breakfast we headed to the old town and wandered around the cute little streets. We visited the beautiful German church and just goofed around the town. Stockholm is such a beautiful city.

I saw my dad and his girlfriend for coffee in the afternoon and then went again to Santeri’s. We played an insanely fun round of Guess Who. The game where you get a card on your forehead and have to guess who you are by presenting the others with questions they can answer with either yes or no. It was fun since we made a rule that the cards had to be possible for the person to guess (fairly easily).

For dinner we had a reservation at an amazing tapas restaurant and on the menu they suggested 3-4 tapas per person. Well, they also had a menu that served 13 tapas for a group of 3 so obviously almost everyone took that menu. We were SO full, yet so happy.


Sunday came too soon and we had to leave back to each our countries (me to Austria, Jussi to the Netherlands and others to Finland). It had been so amazing to see everyone at such unusual circumstances. Sunday was a very sunny day in Stockholm and the whole city bathed in the sun light. Flights went well and then I was already back home. My home in Graz ❤ I’m falling in love with this place.


I had to recover a bit from the Stockholm weekend in the following days – from all the wine and the money spend. My gosh, it was without a doubt the most expensive trip of the trips I’ll do in exchange.

On Monday we had movie night with my roomies Lena and Michi and watched the amazing animated movie The Little Prince. I’ve read and listened to the book countless times as a child and the movie was just so good and well made I might have shed some tears.


The beginning of the week has been very sunny in Graz and I am getting so much joy and energy from the beautiful weather. We’re gonna get coffees with one other exchange student Suvi at the Schloßberg in an hour and just enjoy the sun. It’s 7C, so spring is beginning!


The welcome week is starting tomorrow so that’s exciting too. I get to know my study schedule for the spring on Monday, which I’ve waited for impatiently.

My good friend Hanna is going to be working in Crete for the summer as a sports trainer for the tourists and I feel like I almost have to use the opportunity to visit Greece and her. If I can work the schedules around that. If you haven’t yet noticed, I’m planning on enjoying my exchange more in the experience and travelling way than doing insane amounts of uni work (sorry dad!).

On Friday Michi invited me to go see the Magic Student (? Der Zauberlehrling in German) at the Graz Oper so I am BEYOND excited to go there ❤ She got free tickets since she’s doing reviews for the opera’s and theatre’s shows every now and then. We saw that our tickets are worth 50e, so I really cannot wait!

Bis bald, tschüß!



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