Day 29: Welcome Week and all that Jazz

running-4-zExciting moments guys, exciting moments.



The Karl-Franzens-Universität offers amazing sports courses, some hundreds of different ones. But they are also extremely popular amongst the 30,000 students that study there. I like to do my yoga, pilates and spinning –  and I also came up with a new hobby, beach volley! My roommate told me those are the most popular courses out of all the courses. So, yay. Got an online stopwatch ticking next to me so I’ll be ready to push that “participate” button when the clock hits 10.

Luckily I’m used to this already, since course registering at my home uni works the same way. And if I don’t get into any of em, I can always do Aerobics. There’s always space in aerobics. The registering for the courses is done in steps, so now is pilates, in an hour is yoga and in the afternoon beach volley and spinning. I’m aiming at getting two or three courses.


I’m also training for a half marathon at the moment! There’s one here in Graz in a month, but the sickness (which I’m soon gonna tell about) put a bit a setback on the training. Running here is fun since it’s so beautiful and the running tracks along the river are good. If I make it to the run, awesome, if not, it’s okay.

Yes, 1/4 completed! I got pilates. We’ll see how the rest of the day will go.

About life in general – we had our first welcome session at the uni last Thursday. We got our usernames, passwords, registration infos etc. There are so many exchange students here at the KFU! Hundreds. It’s awesome, and everyone is so nice. We went to get food after the lesson with a group of girls at the local restaurant popular by students. I had a seafood pesto pasta, which felt like a good decision since it’s so delicious. Until the next morning.

imag3183_fotor  imag3181_fotor


I don’t know what it was, either food poisoning or a stomach flu but I threw up like crazy from Friday morning ’til 10pm in the evening. It was one of the most horrible days in my life, especially since I was here with new people – no family or bf to help. I’m lucky to have my roommate Michi who rushed back from uni to bring medicine.

The nauseousness luckily passed fairly fast, and on Saturday food started to stay where it belonged. I still had to stay in bed for the weekend. Other exchange students went hiking on Saturday and I couldn’t make it to our opera night with Michi on Friday… Well, life goes on.


Michi’s amazing health muffins helped getting better.

Luckily our local ESN (Erasmus Student Network) has A LOT of activities planned for us exchange students for the summer semester. I’m going to go buy tickets for four trips today, if I get into them all. In March there’s a two-day Sightseeing trip to Ljubljana and Triest, as well as a one-day trip to Maribor’s famous wine yard in Slovenia. Many fun things in sight! This evening it’s time again for Quiz Night at the Office Pub (hopefully our team won’t end up in the bottom 10% this time).

And just in case I won’t get too little travelling into this year, I was chosen to be part of my home uni’s sailing organization’s Croatia sailing trip in the fall. Sailing along the Croatian coast with uni friends for a week. That’s what I call life.

Sport update: Now that I think closer I think I’m going to drop yoga and spinning because the times and locations are not so suitable and I’ll try to get into sport climbing/bouldering instead. Let’s try something new, ay?



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