Day 35: The One Month Milestone


A month spent in Austria and I feel like at this point my room starts to feel mine and the home feels like my home. I know the way to the uni and to the city center by heart and the jogging routes start to feel familiar.

Last week I ran 9K in an hour, today I’m trying to make it 10. I’ve been practicing “proper” running and breathing techniques and they have really helped to better my time. I’m also trying to bring more vegan foods into my diet. I still do enjoy the occasional meat, in a restaurant, but at home I’m aiming at leaving it out completely. Even thought I’d buy next time vegan “ham” on the bread.


My face after the chilli.


The last week has gone by so fast. On Tuesday we had the classic quiz night at the Office Pub with our group. Enjoyed some 5e student price pizza and of course, I had to try and eat a bite of a chilli that came on top. I was HORRIBLE. So strong I thought I’d die, eyes were watering. Don’t recommend.



WedIMAG3208_Fotor.jpgnesday we went to see Manchester by the Sea with Tiia. The tickets for the movies are so cheap here, it’s unfair (6,70e). The movie was dubbed in German (like all the other movies and shows here too), but Tiia was brave and came with me anyway. I did a little translating along the way. From there straight back to the Office Pub to the International night.. I was a bit tired from the night before so left early.

On Friday I got a visitor from Finland, who’s actually living in Vienna for Erasmus atm. Was really nice seeing Hilla after a long time! We went shopping and even though I don’t like how Primark uses the cheapest materials and work force, I was glad that I found a cabin bag there for 28e and a yoga mat for 9e. Travelling with a sports bag that you have to carry all the time gets annoying. And since I’m going to Barcelona in a month I have to have the proper equipment 😉



In the evening we went to a traditional Austrian restaurant, had some Wienerschnitzel with local red wine like proper tourists. Then for an additional glass of wine and off to bed. Next morning we went to see the Schloßberg and after that to an amazing rooftop bar for lunch (that we spotted from the mountain). The lunch was a-ma-zing. If you’re ever travelling in Graz and the weather is nice, make sure to visit Kastner & Öhler’s rooftop restaurant Freiblick. The serve breakfast until 16:30!


imag3229    imag3218


The salmon platter (which was the most expensive brekky thing) was 12,5e. It came with shrimps, LOADS of salon, avocado mousse, 3 different breads and sparkling apple juice. I say we got our money’s worth.



It was reeally full there on Sat at 12. The sun was shining very bright, but we had to stay in the shade in order to be able to eat there. People had booked tables and I’ll make sure next time I’m planning to go there to make a booking, even for 2 people. They had a lounge DJ playing great music and everyone was in a good mood. The view, as you can see, was beautiful.



After Hilla had left back to Vienna, I made some laskiaispullat for my roommates. The pullat were a hit 😉 Michis mum wanted to get the recipe after she heard what we’re munching on.




In the evening we ended up going with Michi to “The Worst of 90’s” disco at a club here. The music was really good fun, *NSYNC, Captain Jack etc.. On the next day we were supposed to go to a Yoga Brunch, but last minute it came out that the brunch wasn’t included in the event’s price, so we thought 30+e for that would sadly be too much. Instead we went to the museum on Sunday afternoon with some exchange students 🙂



In the last two days I’ve woken up to the birds singing. Spring is starting here and it feels awesome. This week we’re supposed to have +15C. On Tuesday it’s fasching party, which is a massive fest where the whole city goes. You dress up with a group and enjoy the carnival in the city center and then party in the evening. On Wednesday-Friday we’re travelling to Zagreb with a group to enjoy the city. In the weekend there’s lots of fun things that ESN organises.

I am excited!






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