Day 64: My Travel Plans for April – 4 Countries and 14 Cities

x354-q80Tomorrow starts a very exciting period in my exchange spring. The schools in Austria have a very long easter holiday – in my uni it’s two weeks. I’ve managed to organise my courses so that I’m able to have a three week long easter leave. And I’m going to use it to the last day. The extremely exciting factor about these trips is that I’ll visit places I’ve never been to.

I bought almost all tickets just in the beginning of my exchange so I got the flights/train tickets/housing for the cheapest possible price. I’ll write about the prices a bit at the end.

So here’s the plan:


Tomorrow (week 13) I’m leaving to Barcelona, Spain to visit my dear friend Milla in her Erasmus city. We’ve bought tickets to the Satellite Stories concert, we’re planning to visit a pillow fight party in the weekend, we’re going to go hiking and do yoga at the beach.

11b9c34b36a83df0d2466220d9684b9f.jpgI had a nasty inflammation in my appendix last week due to foreign bacteria and it kept me in my bed for the weekend and almost jeopardised my trip, but we luckily got it under control with the doctors. I’ll be able to enjoy the amazing food and drinks of Spain (paella, seafood and sangria, I’m coming for you!).


On Tuesday (week 14) I’m returning to Graz for a day and leaving to the Netherlands on Thursday. I’ll be staying at my boyfriend’s in Nijmegen for a week, and in the weekend we’ll do some travelling around the country. We’ve already bought train tickets which you can use in whole Netherlands for a day and we’re intending to take the whole use out of them.


The plan is: Saturday we’re first visiting Utrecht and then go to Amsterdam for the day. Sunday we’re gonna first go to Eindhoven, then Rotterdam, from there to Den Haag and back to Nijmegen. In the next week Jussi’s dad and his wife are coming for a visit so we’ll get to see them too.


Screen Shot 2017-03-28 at 9.26.49.png

On Friday (week 15) I’ll leave back to Austria. I’m arriving in Graz at 20:30, gonna go sleep and leave to Venice, Italy the next morning on the 8:00 train (we can rest when we’re old, right?).

ea4df9dc05e183d03eca3b56ace1586aIt will take apprx. 6 hours to Venice by train and from there I’m taking a train to Bologna to meet with my lovely friend Sofia for our Italy-Croatia-road trip. She’ll be flying to Italy on the same day and we’ll start our trip by staying in the city for three days.


We’ve already booked all the overnight places and trips in advance, because the Easter holidays are an extremely popular time to travel in the Mid and Southern Europe.


WhatsApp Image 2017-03-28 at 09.52.45

During the three days in Bologna we’ll go to Riccione, which is a popular beach resort for the Italians.From Bologna we’ll go to Venice for the day, then over night in Trieste, from Trieste to Pula, Croatia, from Pula to Opatija and Rijeka and from there travel back to Graz. We’ll be staying in Graz together for a couple of days so Sofia will see where I live. I’m pretty stoked ‘cos we’ll stay close to the sea during the trip and will see incredible resorts.

Riccione (
venice, Italy
Venice (
Pula (
Opatija (

Work-Save-Travel-RepeatAbout the price for this kind of travelling. Our Italy-Croatia-trip with Sofia is the only one where I have to pay for accommodation. But as proper students we’re staying at the cheapest possible places in our locations: AirBnB and hostels. The max price I’m paying for a night is I think 15e.. So you can really find affordable nice things.

My train ride from Graz to Venice is very cheap since I bought it so early, 29e. The most expensive things about our round trip were actually bus and train tickets to get from one city to another, but only because we’re visiting so many cities. Maybe we’ll use BlaBlaCar too, we’ll see.

Flights from Vienna to Düsseldorf and back were around 90e (plus trains from Graz-Vienna-Graz and Düsseldorf-Nijmegen-Düsseldorf). One one-day-travelling ticket for entire Holland was 12e on promotion. The flights from Vienna-Barcelona-Vienna were 80e (+trains to Vienna and back).


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