Day 77: Barcelona Baby


What an amazing trip I had as Milla’s guest at her home in Barcelona. The city has absolutely won a place in my heart.. all the palm trees, beautiful views, mountains, seaside.. The mind was at rest. And the weather was so beautiful the whole time that I was there (except for a little rain on Saturday – but we went to the movies).

I arrived in BCN on Wednesday 29th. It was an evening and I took the airbus to Placa Catalunya. It’s so amazing to meet a good friend after not seeing in 3 months! After dropping off my things at Milla’s place we headed to the D9-bar for a drink. That turned into 3 drinks. Sometimes it’s just like that, you know? But we were good and went home from the bar and left clubbing to the others.



On the next day the weather was no less than perfect and I got to join Milla’s and her group of Finnish friends’ brunch.The fruit and juices are so cheap in Spain it’s heaven! On Milla’s patio it’s almost always wind still and around 7 degrees hotter than elsewhere. This meant that we could tan in our bikinis in a 30C heat.


After we enjoyed our brunch food and the girls spoke me into going to Ruisrock (a festival in Finland, and for one more year, again) we left to the beach! Milla had an exam on the next day so her friends took on the duty of showing me the city.


IMG_0303The beach was, obviously, amazing and I just cannot get enough of palm trees no matter to which exotic place I go. I tried the water with my toe’s tip but it sure as heck wasn’t inviting. So I’ll have to go back some other time in the mid summer to dare to go swimming. Just being able to bury my toes in the warm sand and smelling the sea air makes me ecstatic.



In the evening we wanted to eat tapas at this very popular tapas restaurant in BCN La Flauta.. But there were 20 people in line waiting for a table so we had to find another place. Luckily there are quite many tapas restaurants in Barcelona so it wasn’t hard. I absolutely love tapas since you get to try so many different things.



The next morning Milla had her exam and I had booked a ticket at the Park Güell. I highly recommend booking your tickets in advance on Park Güell’s website to make sure you don’t have to wait in line for hours. It is an amazing experience and I recommend for everyone to go there, but it’s also one of those things that (in my mind) are done and dealt with after the one visit. The 7e entrance fee is a bit much to go there again 🙂


When Milla got out from her exam we went touring around the city again. Barcelona is an amazing city to just wander around and admire all the old buildings with beautiful architecture. In the afternoon we went to meet some friends and get ready for the Satellite Stories-concert that was held in BCN that night. I love the band’s music but have never seen them live and boy I’ll tell you, they are amazing!


IMG_0460We were also some lucky fans, cos the band was meeting up with fans upstairs and we got to tell them our greetings. And buy band stuff. And get it signed by the band members. Success I say.

After that we went to this cool skater bar Nevermind, and by a few tequilas the night took off and we ended up partying at a great hip hop club in the city center.

The next morning brunch was needed, and we met up at Flax&Kale with the girls to shake off the rest of the night before. I couldn’t choose between two toasts so what would be a better decision than ordering them both? Nothing, I say.




The Saturday was a bit rainy, so we headed to the movies with Milla to see The Beautyand the Beast. It is such an amazing remake – we cried and laughed throughout the whole movie. In the evening we tried to go to La Flauta again, but even though we tried to go there early this evening, the line was even longer than on the night before. So we headed to Milla’s favourite tapas place and munched on some amazing dishes ❤


When it comes to my vegetarian/vegan lifestyle, I’ve ended up in a method where I mainly cook vegan food at home. When eating outside though, I sometimes have fish or other sea food. Red and white meats are almost completely out of my diet. This makes me feel really good and I try to of course eat vegan as often as I can, but many restaurants just don’t have even vegetarian options. It’s a work in progress.




On Sunday the weather was perfect again, and we headed to a food truck market on theBarcelona beach. They had some amazing portions and I decided to go with a vegan seitan “kebab”, which was amazing. It was the first time I tried seitan and I was very positively surprised.. it tastes SO MUCH like meat! But in a good way. Yum.

After munching on our meals we decided to go on an adventure on the Mountain Montjuic. We spend the whole day discovering the hills of this beautiful mountain that has a castle, botanical garden, restaurant, beautiful views and also an olympic stadion. I think this was the most amazing day of my stay in BCN so I highly recommend buying a few beers, going up the mountain and searching places to have picnic at.



On Monday we went to see the famous Sagrada Família church. It was breathtaking even though still unfinished. We had some churros dipped in chocolate next to it in the sunshine. From there we headed to an amazing vegan restaurant Veggie Garden and had seitan burgers. This restaurant has also great prices so I recommend it for those who want to try good vegan food.


From Veggie Garden we went to pop in at a food market on the way to the beach and I was a bit sad cos I was so full from the food at the restaurant that I had no more space to try all the beautiful fruits and oysters. From there we just walked in the harbour to the beach.. Even in April the weather is so good in Spain and I just soaked the sun rays into my skin.


IMG_0691In the evening we celebrated Milla’s roommates birthday with a massive late brunch fest. There was again so much unbelievably good food that I overate myself, again. Barcelona what u do to me?


Afterwards we went to celebrate another friend’s birthday at his place. We made delicious mojitos and it was a Monday, when there’s the Nasty Monday event in the Apollo. So, we went there of course. The night got a bit long and my flight left at 9:30 on Tue morning.. Let’s just say that I almost missed it, but luckily didn’t. After paying the taxi and running to the plane at the last minute, I sat down in my seat and had a good laugh.IMG_0743

Sometimes timetables get very tight and you might be a bit hungover and feel like everything isn’t going exactly to plan, but that’s what travelling is about. Learning to let go of unnecessary stress, living in the moment, rushing when needed, screwing up with schedules or locations from time to time and learning to take all that comes with a light heart. Life is pretty great and Barcelona, be sure to know that I’m coming back again.


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