Day 146: About the magical Greece, grill parties and one bus trip fiasco

Thursday 15.6.: Interesting morning. I booked tickets for this weekend to visit the island Krk in Croatia by myself (friends have too many exams next week to go). Cool plan, I’m gonna stay at the hostel and get to know the island and its beautiful national park. Reads some books and maybe get to know new people.

Screen Shot 2017-06-16 at 8.18.44.png

When I wanted to get into the bus that I bought a ticket for, they said that the bus is full.. So now I’m sitting on the bus stop with a bunch of other people that didn’t fit in either. There’s nothing else do than just wait for the only-croatian-speaking customer service to call a Croatian girl in our group for more information. It’s a fiasco.


Anyways, now that I’m already here might as well use the time to write about my trip to Greece. Last week I got back from my amazing one-week-long holiday in the beautiful island of Creta. My dear friend Hanna works there so I had the opportunity to stay as her guest sleeping in her apartment and spending the days in the wonderful hotel that she works at. As a friend of an employee I had the possibility to buy an all-inclusive pass for a day for a very wallet friendly price. So most of the days I spent doing Hanna’s workout classes, chilling at the pool and enjoying the buffets and drink bars.

View from a restaurant on the hill (Astria, highly recommended!)

It was truly a relaxation holiday and I was able to get to know Hanna’s workmates too! Everyone was so amazing and I chilled with them when Hanna was working. We went to the center of Chania to have dinner one evening, right by the sea. I really miss the sea in Graz, having grown up by it. And even tho I’m keeping to a plant-based diet, I cannot give up seafood. I can’t, no matter what you say. And I had a lot of that in Greece (btw, Greek food is my absolute favourite one in the world)!

The hotel also had lots and lots of seafood (and vegetarian) options in the buffet, so I enjoyed them to my best abilities. In the evening there was always an awesome show, put together by professional performers and singers. The first night it was ABBA, so I was obviously stoked.

The holiday consisted of lots of good food, laughter, fresh fruit, fresh drinks, reading, yoga, swimming and beach volley. I am so lucky to have these friends to visit and through that be able to enjoy holidays I otherwise could no way afford (yet). Actually I was able to keep my daily budget so low that I went and got a waxing and a pedicure.. ahh.


I got back from Greece on a Wednesday, and stayed in a hostel in Vienna since the flight was in Austria so late. In the next days I caught up with uni work and on Sunday we went to see the Green Lake with a group of my Erasmus friends. It was fabulous and I was even able to fill my water bottles from a spring that came from the mountain 🙂


19212657_1508676922505443_2087219523_oIn the evening we had a rooftop grill party! It was pretty awesome, so I’m not so sad about not being able to leave already yesterday. I remembered I’ve had this one delicious grill treat when I was little and wanted to try and make it again.. Grilled chocolate bananas! And yes, they are exactly as delicious as you’d think. I’m glad that everyone loved them ❤

Most of my courses are now finished, and I had a final presentation this week as well as I will in the coming week. Then one more exam and we are done! As is my exchange.. Ohh time flies. But now we won’t think about that but enjoy the last weeks.


Friday 16.6.: New attempt. I’m waiting at the bus station, anxious to know if I’ll fit on the bus. And I did – finally! My solo trip to Croatia and Krk can begin. I’ll go back a little to explain how everything went down after the bus took off on us yesterday.

I was obviously extremely mad and eager to get more information. There was no one to answer our calls, because it was a holiday. The company contacted the Croatian girl and just let us know that there is no bus coming to pick us up. I was beyond pissed off. The next buses would be leaving in the afternoon and I wouldn’t make it to the last bus to the island Krk with them. So, I went home, wrote to the company and the bus ticket booking about the events. I also made a crippling review on the bus company’s Facebook-site (if something good came out of this fiasco, then it’s that I could bring my complaint-writing-skills to a whole new level).

Well, luckily it paid off that I did all this. Later in the morning I got a call from the company offering to pay back both of my tickets and my hostel for the night that I missed. I wrote them an emailwith all receipts, we’ll see what they answer..

So in the end lesson learned is – ALWAYS contact the company, make a complaint, stand your ground and know that social media is (one of) the strongest weapons we customers have.

Now, finally, Croatia I’m ready for you!

Baška, Krk


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