Day 41: Travelling, Hiking and a little bit of Partying

Last Tuesday was Fasching (sanakirjan mukaan laskiainen) and we celebrated it appropriately with a tribal theme and sangria. The streets really were full of party people and nearly everyone had dressed up to the occasion. The city of Graz had organized a huge outdoor concert and had blocked a street for it in the city… Continue reading Day 41: Travelling, Hiking and a little bit of Partying

Day 29: Welcome Week and all that Jazz

Exciting moments guys, exciting moments.     The Karl-Franzens-Universität offers amazing sports courses, some hundreds of different ones. But they are also extremely popular amongst the 30,000 students that study there. I like to do my yoga, pilates and spinning –  and I also came up with a new hobby, beach volley! My roommate told… Continue reading Day 29: Welcome Week and all that Jazz

Day 23: Hello Sverige!

Last weekend we went to Sweden. We went with a very unusual bunch of people: the vice presidents of NESU TuKY since year 2009. So have you heard about this thing called NESU? Probably, since you’re either my family or a friend. But if you’re not – Nordiska Ekonomi Studerandes Union is an organization that… Continue reading Day 23: Hello Sverige!

Day 9: Chick Pea Craze

Here’s a great tip for exchange students or people who just want to save as much money as possible on fragrances and cremes: Check out the post-Christmas sale booths at cosmetic’s stores and you just might find what you need. And it feels like buying a present for yourself, when it’s actually just stuff you need!… Continue reading Day 9: Chick Pea Craze