Day 77: Barcelona Baby

What an amazing trip I had as Milla’s guest at her home in Barcelona. The city has absolutely won a place in my heart.. all the palm trees, beautiful views, mountains, seaside.. The mind was at rest. And the weather was so beautiful the whole time that I was there (except for a little rain… Continue reading Day 77: Barcelona Baby

Day 57: Time is Moving too Fast

You know the routines have really kicked in when you no longer feel like everything that’s happening is the most exciting event and I have to write about it. But in these two  weeks of silence has still happened a lot: uni life and courses started, I’ve travelled to three different cities in two countries… Continue reading Day 57: Time is Moving too Fast

Day 9: Chick Pea Craze

Here’s a great tip for exchange students or people who just want to save as much money as possible on fragrances and cremes: Check out the post-Christmas sale booths at cosmetic’s stores and you just might find what you need. And it feels like buying a present for yourself, when it’s actually just stuff you need!… Continue reading Day 9: Chick Pea Craze